End-of-life services

Our approach is to create and execute on strategies that maximize investors’ tail-end capital, and thus solve end-of-life fund management and liquidity issues for general partners, institutional asset managers, global wealth management firms, and asset owners.

All funds are optimistic about 10-year terms for fund investment realization. Unfortunately, the reality is that most funds last 12 to 15 years due to straggling portfolio investments, illiquid minority positions, outstanding litigation, escrow accounts, deferred or contingent assets and liabilities that have not termed. Investment managers and GPs often lose interest or motivation because of the unforeseen cost-burdens that can outweigh the original fund and its structure. That is where we can help with:

Liquidating trusts and tail liquidity

  • We understand how to establish and manage liquidating trusts and special purpose vehicles (SPV) structures for tail-end funds;
  • Our liquidating trust strategy is a simple and efficient operating structure tailored to investment tails, enabling the timely dissolution of the predecessor fund;
  • Allow GPs to avoid the costly administrative burdens of managing tail-end assets and can realize significant cost savings for investors;
  • Creating and executing liquidity solutions for GPs and LPs with mature, end-of-life fund, and distressed assets and interests; and
  • Dispositions of individual assets, portfolios, and LP interests.