Institutional investor advisory

Unfortunately, there are times when investors and limited partner advisory committees (LPACs) must act on mature or challenged fund issues.  These issues relate from malfeasance, partner or management team divorces, manager replacements, fund restructurings and recapitalizations, portfolio and asset restructuring and sales, extensions, and wind-downs.  Institutional investors can rely on us for focused and conflict-free advice to manage direct and externally managed portfolios.

Mature fund advisory

  • We provide focused advice for LPACs and individual investors facing mature fund situations;

  • Following an assessment of a mature fund portfolio or specific assets, we can develop and execute strategies for value-recovery and liquidity either as a sub-advisor or successor asset manager.

Strategic investment advisory

  • We are not merely focused on the fund level, we will independently evaluate portfolio investments, reviewing all business plans and projections to identify issues and value-recovery options;

  • We develop and execute strategic options for investors’ holdings, including asset refinancing / leveraged liquidity alternatives.

GP  initiated transaction advisory

We assist LPACs and LPs that have complex, and often conflict-prone, GP-led transaction proposals, such as tender offers, fund restructurings and extensions.  Moreover, we help manage Zombie fund issues, freeing up investors to focus on new investment opportunities.  We will:

  • Provide an analysis of GP-led transaction proposals, including an evaluation of available options;

  • Represent the interests of all LPs and negotiate proposals with GPs and their advisors;

  • Assist LPACs in evaluating GP-led transactions to manage the fiduciary liability risk burden for LPAC members as they weigh options, provide GP feedback, and make significant decisions on behalf of LPs.