Investment management advisory

We advise investment managers on the development of strategies and liquidity solutions for mature or challenged funds  Being FINRA registered investment professionals we can take over the investment advisors role, particularly important when there have been departures from the management team.  Our approach begins with a dedication to assisting investment managers and heir investors in maximizing return of capital to investors.

Whether replacing or working alongside the investment manager team, we provide:

  • Strategic planning and advisory services;
  • Development fund restructuring alternatives;
  • Assist in developing and evaluating end-of-life fund strategies and wind-down plans;
  • Interim investment, operations management, and strategy execution;
  • Portfolio company liquidity and restructuring solutions;
  • Investor communications;

We will serve as sub-advisors or successor managers, alongside existing fund management, directors, or limited partner advisory committee (LPAC) members to develop and execute specific mandates.  While you are focused on your investment opportunities, we will maximize the return of tail-end capital to you, and alleviate the burdens associated with Zombie, tail-end, and non-performing fund entities.