Mission and commitment


To be the trusted investment manager for individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, endowments, pension plans, and others who are seeking long term financial security and wish to use wholistic financial, legal, tax, and strategy resources to make their lives and those of others more meaningful and productive for themselves and their community. Our clients understand that we manage their capital like it was our own and that we care for them like they were members of our family or organizations.


Our vision as a firm focuses on helping others achieve financial goals, as well as understanding of each client’s unique purpose, mission and values. We strive to empower clients by offering education, tools and resources aimed at facilitating clear communication and bringing definition to their ambitions and objectives. Each client has different ideas about what makes life great. We take the burden out of managing the financial details and strive to be a calm navigator in the face of uncertainty.


We are fiduciaries, and it’s not just a word to be used frivolously. It’s a binding commitment to put clients’ interests first. To maintain this high standard of care and professionalism and make sure we cater to your specific situation, we first listen to your needs, goals and dreams. To be specific, Dynamique makes the following commitments to our clients, we will:

  • Always put our clients’ interests first – ahead of our own, that of our firm, and our employees;
  • Act with care, skill, prudence, confidentiality, and diligence;
  • Provide full and fair disclosure of all the advisory fees we charge, as well as all fees we pay to others on our client’s behalf; and
  • Fully disclose any conflicts of interest, and attempt to fairly manage them in our clients’ favor, wherever possible.