Pension plans (401(k), 403(b), Profit sharing)

As a fiduciary, you are accountable for the retirement plan you provide to employees. Demand that your financial advisors be a fiduciary as well. Successful benefit programs should align with your business goals and provide incentives for employees. As fiduciary retirement plan experts, and experienced entrepreneurs, we can help you provide the right type of retirement plan for your business to save you time and money, and the incentives that promote high performance in your organization.

Consider the value of providing a benefits program to your employees. We can save you countless hours of research and thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs by streamlining ERISA compliance and implementing a robust retirement program. We tailor retirement plans to businesses and organizations such as yours. Whether you

Retirement benefit services for employers

Save time. Our pension plan services are designed to allow us to do more of the heavy lifting for you. We guide you through the implementation process, assisting with plan design and helping participants setup their accounts. Whether a 401(k), a 403(b), profit-sharing or ISOP, we can help.

Reduce liability. As an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary investment manager, we share in your liability to act in the best interest of retirement plan participants (employees). We help you stay compliant by managing plan investments and adhering to a central fiduciary process.

Transparent fees. The total cost of our pension plans are frequently lower than that of our competitors because we provide open architecture retirement programs, eliminating unnecessary and hidden fees in the process. Our independent approach enables us to provide access to many different retirement plan providers, finding the best for your organization.

Quality investments. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not paid by the investments or companies we recommend. Our clients pay a transparent fee and we select the most appropriate, low-cost investments for their plan. Further, we also create custom model portfolios for participants at no additional cost.

Proactive engagement. We begin by understanding your business and to learn why you’re implementing a retirement plan. Whether it’s to maximize tax savings or attract and retain employees, we ensure you get the most value from your plan with meaningful engagement from you and your employees.

Participant education. You don’t have to be a retirement plan expert, we support you. Both you and your employees have direct access to our retirement advisors through regularly scheduled meetings by phone, video conference, in-person meetings or email.

Retirement benefit services for employers

Lower fees. Many participants don’t understand the myriad fees and hidden fees associated with their plans, with many believing their plans are “free”. We are not paid according to the investments we recommend. This allows us to use a variety of low-cost investment options that can directly improve your retirement account performance over time by increasing savings and not plan expenditures that reduce savings.

Personalized advice. We make ourselves directly available through in-person visits, video conferencing, phone calls and email. Our advice goes well beyond merely explaining retirement plans. We assist you in selecting investments for your retirement account, and address other important financial concerns such as saving for your child’s college education, setting up your estate plan or other things giving you concern.

Custom portfolios. We have found that many retirement plan participants are overwhelmed by the choices in their pension plans, and few realize that many of the funds they are invested in are nothing more than investments in other mutual funds. This means you pay fees, so that your mutual fund manager earns fees, plus pays fees with your money for other managers to make investments on your behalf. Would you go to a restaurant to have the chef order and serve you a meal prepared at another restaurant across the street?

With Dynamique, we have customized model portfolios managed by our in-house team, and we help you determine which investments best fit your goals and risk tolerance.

The risk synecdoche. We are held to a higher standard, taking on greater responsibility for providing advice on your retirement plan. As fiduciaries, we are required to always put your interests ahead of our own. This is absolute, and our founder, as an attorney, is unparalleled in his fiduciary standard.

Convenient account access. Accessing your retirement plan account online to review balances, account history and to make changes to investments and other important details is easy. You can make changes online or receive and change information by phone, fax or mail. As always, if you have questions we welcome your contact direct contact. Your success is our goal.