Special needs

We share a common bond of disability – our founder is disabled and we have disability in our families.  Thus, we bring a unique perspective and appreciation to families and individuals in their planning for their future and for the lifelong needs of their family members with a disability.  Partnering with extended family, guardians, and/or attorneys to outline a financial support strategy, allows our team to provide ongoing investment management and distribution services as needed.

Within each special needs plan we consider the importance of:

  • Inter-generational and sibling family dynamics
  • Financial planning that addresses disability laws
  • Special needs trusts
  • Life insurance
  • Government assistance
  • The ABLE Act
  • Estate planning techniques to protect your child’s best interests
  • Retirement planning for you and your special needs child

While we do not provide legal advice, but as an attorney our founder can help work with and manage attorneys to reach your goals.  We can work closely with the attorney and legal guardian to ensure assets are managed in accordance with the investment objectives laid out in their carefully crafted special needs planning documents.

Whether funded from investable assets, or through a life insurance policy, our team can assist with the account creation, account funding, and asset management during, or after, your life to ensure your child’s financial resources are handled appropriately.