Successor asset management

We are an independent investment manager for special situations and mature funds, managing as either a successor management or sub-advisor on specific investment strategies.  Our approach is to bring new ideas to eliminate financial uncertainty to maximize value on behalf of all stakeholders.

It happens.  Problems arise frequently in tail-end, Zombie or uncertain investment situations that create friction in the return of investor capital, thus we help to address:

  • Unforeseen events affecting the monetization of portfolios;

  • Limited operating capacity and loss of focus with incumbent managers;

  • Lack of economic incentive for incumbent managers;

  • Crisis events such as the unexpected departure, death, or incapacity of incumbent managers; and

  • Loss or lack of specialized expertise by incumbent manager to deal with highly illiquid or distressed asset situations.

We are your step-in fiduciaries that take charge, responsibility and execute on strategies to return net assets to investors by:

  • Establishing asset management plans taking into consideration fund- and asset-level realities and the specific needs of stakeholders;

  • Leveraging our competency in managing tail-end, end-of-life fund and distressed asset interests;

  • Realigning incentives with stakeholders to realize timely and optimal realizations for the return of investor capital;

  • Working with existing fund directors or limited partner advisory committee (LPAC) members to maintain effective governance; and

  • Being small and nimble, we can reduce operating expenses as AUM declines.