Dynamique Financial, LLC (“Dynamique”) is a privately held, disability-owned business enterprise, founded to provide financial products and services. We bring special skills to assist clients in planning and organizing their financial lives, whether an individual, family, trust/endowment, pension, investment fund or company. Our experience stems from having worked at the best and largest of U.S. corporations on investments, and having been entrepreneurs we know about business growth, raising capital and the associated challenges.

We at Dynamique Financial are motivated to assist persons and families with disabilities, especially since our founder, Luka Erceg, is disabled. We know that when one family member is injured, so is the entire family. In addition, we also know about the challenges encountered by disability entrepreneurs.

We stem from a family of professionals and entrepreneurs, understanding the unique needs of professionals (doctors, lawyers, CPAs, etc.) and entrepreneurs that are juggling the financial needs of their practices and companies.

Erceg has personally raised and has been engaged in deploying over $130 million in capital since 2008, you will find unparalleled experience in governance, financing (debt and equity), growth, liquidity and exit experience. Too many advisors are great at discussing strategies, our experience is direct, and we have the market-tested experience to deliver on a winning financial strategy for you.

Don’t rely on advisors and their academic and unproven valuations of your business. Rely on an advisor who has negotiated arms’ length investments, company sales, and contracts with the largest of investors in venture capital, private equity, Japanese trading firms, European companies and more.