Creditor advisory services

We draw upon our operational and financial expertise to assess the current situation, working with creditor groups to develop and execute strategies to maximize positive outcomes in financially distressed situations.

We may act as financial advisor to:

  • Secured lenders
  • Unsecured creditors’ committees
  • Governmental entities

Financial assessments

Turnaround and restructuring, board advisory, and strategic planning in general requires a rapid, detailed evaluation of a company’s financial position. Our approach focuses on identifying opportunities that improve value creation, reduce costs, and mitigate risk— in 30 days or less.

Our assessment includes:

  • Working capital management (Accounts receivable and credit, accounts payable and vendor management, inventory turns and product profitability);
  • FP&A linked to deep operational levers;
  • Forecasting and analysis;
  • Liquidity analysis;
  • Viability analysis;
  • A focus on cash generation, and not fictional strategies that cannot be financed. We follow a detailed playbook approach, drafting it with management and then applying it, all while identifying further opportunities for improvement.

Bankruptcy and insolvency case management

We can provide bankruptcy and insolvency case management and advisory services to assist you through the process. This includes contingency planning, Chapter 11 case administration, insolvency administration and estate liquidation.

In the bankruptcy and insolvency administration process, our experience and expertise is meant to preserve and distribute the greatest value to stakeholders. Our services include::

  • Chapter 11 planning and administration
  • Contingency planning
  • First-day motions
  • Accounts payable management
  • Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules of Assets and Liabilities
  • Preference analysis
  • Claims resolution
  • Monthly operating reports
  • 13 week cash flows
  • Fiduciary services
  • Plan administrator/trustee